Monday, 19 April 2010

Bobble trim/ Pompom fringing

I have some cute bobble trim available.This would look lovely embellishing your craft and sewing projects!

I am selling it in 3 metre lengths

Each little bobble measures approx 12mm

Price£1.50 +£1 P&P in UK
please email me at if you would like some!
SOLD, Thank you

Friday, 16 April 2010

New Yo-yo bracelets and Pincushions

I have been busy making yo-yo bracelets.These would make a pretty addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe and they feel lovely and light on your arm too!
There are no awkward catches to fiddle with, you just pop it on like a bangle!

I have been using my prettiest fabrics to make these!

I have made 2 different sizes

Girls- the diameter of this bracelet is 8cm, ideal for girls and ladies if you have small hands!

Ladies-the diameter of this bracelet is approx 11cm.This is the size that fits over my hand!

Ladies yo-yo bracelet 1

This yo-yo bracelet is made from pretty cottons.Very pretty for summer outfits!Light to wear and easy to pack for holidays too!

Size-approx 11cm diameter.

Price £3.75 with free P&P in UK

Ladies Yo-yo bracelet 2

This bracelet is made from a selection of pink fabrics including pink cotton gingham and finished with a variety of cute buttons

Size- approx 11cm diameter

Price £3.75 with free P&P in the UK

Ladies Y0-yo bracelet 3
Made with 2 alternating fabrics, pink and a cream/pink floral print. Finished with pale pink flower buttons.

Size approx 11cm diameter

Price £3.75 with free P&P in UK

Girls Yo-yo Bracelet 1

This pretty bracelet is made with Cath Kidston/Ikea fabric and finished with pretty red flower shaped buttons .

Would make a great gift and is light if you need to post it.

Size- approx 8cm diameter

Price £3.50 with free P&P in the UK

Girls Y0-yo Bracelet 2

Pretty cream/pink floral fabric bracelet. finished with cute pale pink
Size- approx 8cm diameter

Price £3.50 with free P&P in UK

I have made some new pincushions

Pincushion 1

This pretty little pincushion is made with Cath Kidston for Ikea fabric, it is the same fabric on both sides. It is finished with a cute red gingham yo-yo and and a pink button.

Size approx 9cm x 9cm

£3.75 with free P&P in UK

Pincushion 2

This pincushion has a pretty floral print at the front and is backed with a red checked cotton.
It is finished with a red button.
The pincushion measures approx 9cm x 9cm

Price £3.75with free P&P in the UK

Thank you for browsing in my Tinyshop!

Rachel x